Corporate Values

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By bringing together our global operations and existing initiatives, we leverage our financial resources, insights, expertise, and network of relationships to help our customers, customers and communities better manage their sustainability challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Understanding Our Own Carbon Footprint

We want to continuously improve our resource use to increase energy, water, and material efficiency; It is our priority to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and actively contribute to the public.

Ethical Rules of Conduct (Code Of Conduct)

Zonnebloem is a service and technology enterprise. It is a forum for discussion between clients and professionals in the consulting field.


To increase resource quality, effectiveness, and capacity by mobilizing and strengthening the work of knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced consultants.

Although most of Zonnebloem’s goals stem from a transparent or implicit recognition of the critical importance of ethics in the field, two objectives stand out:

It defines values and ethical behaviours, standards, and best practices in the profession. It encourages consultants’ active adoption to improve the quality and impact of their work for their clients.

To increase awareness and commitment to practice management principles and methods in solidarity.

The Code of Ethics is a set of fundamental principles that will at least guide its members’ behaviour. However, as well as setting minimum thresholds for acceptable behaviour, it can also – and arguably – set a higher goal. The Code below is based on the belief that our employees accept sacred trust at best.

The purpose of the Code is to assist Zonebloem employees in maintaining their professionalism and adhering to high ethical standards in their dealings with colleagues and the public. We acknowledge that the individual judgment of member consultants will always be necessary for the interpretation and application of such principles.

Zonnebloem Member Code of Ethics

Each member of Zonnebloem agrees with the following principles.

Commitment to Customers

Serve clients with integrity, honesty, competence, independence, impartiality, and professionalism by helping them develop their expertise and capabilities.

Accept only those tasks where they, their employees, and colleagues have the experience and competence to perform effectively.

Reasonable and proportional fees with the services to be provided.

To establish a mutual understanding with customers, as well as realistic expectations about the results of the services to be provided before accepting any assignment. Discuss changes in good faith if changes occur during work on the engagement scope.

Treat all non-public customer information confidentially, take reasonable steps to prevent access by unauthorized parties, and avoid avoiding proprietary or privileged information without the customer’s consent.

Avoid or arise conflicts of interest and immediately disclose to clients any situations that could affect the consultant’s decision or impartiality.

Carefully consider all offers submitted on the client’s board of directors, providing regular “solar law” review to protect both the client and the consultant from any inappropriate appearance.

Suggestion to withdraw from consultancy when objectivity or honesty is found to be impaired.

Avoid inviting an employee of an active or passive client to consider alternative employment without prior consultation with the client..

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Commitment to Society and Profession

Inform clients about laws, regulations, and ethical standards that guide good grantmaking and foundation practices, and report illegal or dangerous behavior to officials within the client’s organization. When in doubt of the person’s professional competence to provide such advice, encourage the client to seek qualified legal or tax advice. Respect the intellectual property of professional colleagues and do not use copyrighted information, materials, or methods without permission. Avoid misrepresenting or insulting professional colleagues. Represent the profession with integrity and professionalism in clients, colleagues, and general public relations. Look for professional development opportunities as much as possible. Deceptively avoid advertising services. Encourage compliance with the Code by other subscriber advisors. Put the interests of our customers and the public before those of ourselves and our companies.

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