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Zonnebloem focuses on Solar Photovoltaic (PV), one of the renewable energy solutions, and offers project planning, procurement, installation, commissioning, and operation & maintenance services with its experienced technical staff in this field. Additionally, it invests in energy generation by adding the projects below 1mgw in service to its portfolio.

Why Turkey?

Turkey's average annual solar radiation is 1311 kilowatts/hour's level. This means that from a solar power of 1 kW power, the electricity generation system generates...

Why Turkey?

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Lykeion Solar acts as a bridge between potential investors and green energy investment opportunities

The Firms main aim is to identify and seek investors and then find the best investment options for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Renewable Energy projects, with the objective of procuring maximum ROI.

Lykeion Solar is involved in solar as well as wind energy projects; primarily in Turkey, the Netherlands and the Benelux countries.

The firm also procures finds to invest in promising new ideas and technologies in the green energy space.

Why Turkey?

Turkey’s average annual solar radiation is 1311 kilowatts/hours. This means that a 1 kW solar power generation system generates 1311 kW/h of electricity per year. Turkey has the most efficient solar radiation provinces: Konya, Karaman, Nigde, Isparta, Erzurum, Erzincan, Elazig, Van, Adiyaman, Mardin.

It has the capacity to easily offer all kinds of EPC services regarding energy. It creates a large portfolio in Solar Energy and other areas of renewable energy, collaborating with well-known companies in the sector. We are committed to being a major player in this market and seizing opportunities that will result from growth in the market.

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Why Turkey?

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